7 must have Makeup tools for all you beginners.

Are you someone who is still discovering their makeup routine? Makeup selection can be an overwhelming process because of the million things available, which all preach the same thing. Everything is a supposed must have in your vanity. But, Makeup as a whole is supposed to be a personal thing, not everyone is going to use every product.  

Makeup is an art today and like any other art form it requires a certain tools for basics and beginners.  It can be both fun and therapeutic to look good, to feel good. The industry is full of new innovative tools and gadgets for artists you just to need to select your pick to make the art more  you. It might be a challenging task for a beginner to figure out what works best for you, but what’s wrong with a little trail and error to find the perfect match. Go out and experiment, who knows you might discover something new. Start by finding your comfort style and ideal/ aspiring style, then work your way to achieve a balance. Makeup is highly personalized, in order to create your own look you may need some special products and some basics to begin with. It is advised , a wise person will invest in the best quality of product so as to avoid any complications and harm to the skin and to avoid the need to buy new tools often because the previous ones wore down.

  1. Beauty Blender:

The ultimate tool to apply and blend in makeup is a sponge beauty blender. Its unique design  and cut helps easier and smoother application of the producrt.  The shape of the sponge helps to aborbs more water and less product, which is a big plus. Its perfect for achieving that cointour and hiding the blemishes .  unlike brushes its very convenient to use a blender  for a smoother airbrush finish. Use the soft tip to each the area around your nos and under your eyes.

Dampen the sponge before using liquid products and use it dry directlt to apply powder based produtcs . remember, don’t rub,  dab your worry lines away.


2. Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner:

Makeup brushes are the most common and often used tool. People often wonder about the types and number of brushes they need. Whether it should be natural bristle or a synthetic fiber, if it should be a professional kit or not. But how often do we look after the most important member of the teams? It is common among many beginners to have a bundle a dirty unclean brushes which lead to bad makeup . This is where a silicone brush cleaner comes to rescue, brush hygiene is a crucial to breakdown the buildup of oils dirt and makeup residue in order to prevent bacterial growth.  Weekly cleaning routine is not inly helpful and hygienic but also easy and satisfying with the silicone brush cleaner.

How to use it?

All you need is  a lil bit of brush soap, and warm water. Gently move the wet brush on the silicone pad and blend into the soap. Rinse the brush in clear water and dab with a dry towel and hang them down to prevent moisture build up

Get it now: https://myhealthybeautystore.com/silicone-makeup-brush-cleaner

3. Makeup Brush Set:

Each stroke defines the makeup and for each stroke to be perfect you need to find the perfect brush. This brush set has the very brushes you need to master as a beginner . from  fan brush to the eyebrow brush you can find each brush to your rescue.  They are basic versatile and essential  not only for face makeup but also for those pretty eyes of yours.  Available in eye catchy colors these brushes are amazing for blending, bronzing, contouring, highlighting, eye makeup, liquids and powder based products. These soft long lasting brushes are worth every penny


4. Double-Sided Synthetic Hair Eyebrow Brush

Two in one brush, Ohh!! who doesn’t like a handy upgrade. The double sided brush makes it easier for you to switch between the lashes and brows when you’re short on time. With a angled flat brush at one end and a spoolie at another you can easily get the fuller brows.

How to use it?

Comb your brow and de clump your lashes with spoolie as easily as you can fill in the space in the brows with the flat brush end.

The cruelty free sustainable fiber brush have come a long way and will always have your back and help you achieve those brows and lashes look you desire


5. Makeup Mirror:

Mirror mirror on the wall is the basic tool of them all.

Yes, how can we forget the mirror, we need to see where we are going right we cant just go blind with the makeup. This 7-10x mirror helps u with keeping an eye on the progress and catch and correct any errors as a beginner.  With 10 times the magnification than a normal mirror and 360 degree rotation curvature, you can suction fix this to any surface be it marble, wood or metal


6. False eyelash applicator

Is applying eyelashes terrifying to you for no specific reason, or is it just me? That doesn’t stop me though, I also want those long beautiful lashes that I just bought. What do I do? I use a False eyelash applicator, and yes it is a thing and I am not making it up.

Lash Applicators may be new accessory to you, however they are the new “MUST HAVE” perfect addition whether you’re a beginner or you’re a lash fan. False lash applicators keep you in control while applying the lashes which obviously is a tricky solution and also help you in creating no mess and give you the flawless fit.

How to use a Lash Applicator:

STEP ONE: Select a lash applicator that appeals to you, we have chosen the perfect one for you.


STEP TWO: Trim the false lashes if necessary then use this lash applicator to carefully remove a lash extension from the tray and apply an adhesive to the lash band.

Note: Do not forget to wait for 45 seconds for the glue to go tacky.

STEP THREE: Now Place the lash extension in the middle of your lash line with the lash applicator and gently press down in place. Use the application in both the inner and outer lash line for a secure fit. And there you have it the perfect application of an perfect eye lash.


7. Makeup Washable Bamboo Cotton Pad

Why choose to contribute to the plastic pollution when we have a better alternative for removing the makeup. Our Bamboo Makeup Pads are made of bamboo and are ultra soft on the skin. They don’t just remove the make up but also gently exfoliate the skin. You are happy and the Earth is happy. Two in one is always better than just one. These round shaped bamboo makeup pads are beautiful in these pastels and come in a mesh laundry bag kind off situation, which makes it even more convenient for usage and otherwise.


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